Questions to ask if you're concerned.

Frightened or confused? Are you concerned that you are in an abusive relationship?

Just imagine the name of the person you are thinking about in the space below when answering these questions.

1. Has ___________ tried to keep you from seeing your friends or family?

2. Has ___________ prevented you from continuing or starting a college course, or from going to work?

3. Does ___________ constantly check up on you or follow you?

4. Does ___________ unjustly accuse you of flirting or of having affairs with others?

5. Does ___________ constantly belittle or humiliate you, or regularly criticise or insult you in front of other people?

6. Are you ever afraid of ___________ ?

7. Have you ever changed your behaviour because you are afraid of what ___________ might do or say to you?

8. Has ___________ ever destroyed any of your possessions deliberately?

9. Has ___________ ever hurt or threatened you or your children?

10. Has ___________ ever kept you short of money so you are unable to buy food and other necessary items for yourself and your children?

11. Has ___________ ever forced you to do something that you really did not want to do?

12. Has ___________ ever tried to prevent you from taking necessary medication, or seeking medical help when you felt you needed it?

13. Has ___________ ever tried to control you by telling you you could be deported because of your immigration status?

14. Has ___________ ever threatened to take your children away, or said he would refuse to let you take them with you, or even to see them, if you left him?

15. Has ___________ ever forced you to have sex with him or with other people? Has he made you participate in sexual activities that you were uncomfortable with?

16. Has ___________ ever tried to prevent your leaving the house?

17. Does ___________ blame his use of alcohol or drugs for his behaviour?

18. Does ___________ control your use of alcohol or drugs (for example, by forcing your intake or by withholding substances)?

19. Are you or have you been forced into a marriage against your will?

If you answer 'yes' to one or more question it is possible that you are in an abusive relationship.

Though many abusive relationships are with a partner or ex-partner, domestic abuse can happen in any intimate or family-type relationship. A perpetrator can be a parent, a child, a carer or a relative.

You are not alone. Call RISE on Freephone 0300 323 9985 to talk through your options.

You won’t be blamed. You won’t be judged. You will be believed.

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