How to support RISE this Christmas

We’re having to do things a bit differently this year because of Covid, meaning we are unable to accept physical Christmas gifts. Please read on for how you can best support us in other ways this Christmas.

How to support RISE this Christmas

If you were thinking of giving a physical gift this Christmas...

We would instead encourage you to buy a gift voucher.

These can be posted or emailed, and gives our clients the autonomy to browse and chose something for her and her family. This can mean so much to someone who would otherwise not be able to treat herself this Christmas. It also means you can write (or make!) a card with a message of support or an affirmation. If you’d like to donate a voucher please email [email protected].

Why aren’t we collecting gifts this year?

  1. We only have a small number of staff working at our head office, so there is often no-one available to receive donations
  2. We are currently seeing very few clients face-to-face, so it is difficult to distribute gifts
  3. We need to minimise office visits to reduce the spread of Covid
  4. We are currently renovating our office to make it Covid-safe and do not have any storage space, so have nowhere to store donations

Another way you can support RISE this Christmas is to help us ensure our services continue to run for those who need them most.

You can donate to our Christmas cash appeal instead here >>

Or you can fundraise for RISE this December by taking domestic abuse survivor Marcella's Challenge >>

We know that 2020 has been a tougher year than most, and we are so grateful for your support.