Artists rise up for RISE

Artists have risen up for RISE by donating incredible pieces of artwork that are available to buy on our Etsy Shop.

Artists rise up for RISE

Friday 1st January, 2021

Incredible artists from all over Brighton and Hove have come together in aid of RISE and have kindly donated original artwork to help with our ongoing fundraising efforts in the wake of the pandemic.

Ian Daniels Bay Horizon

'Bay Horizon' has been donated by Ian Daniels and is an original oil painting. A painter and photographer living in Brighton. His work often focuses on the simple beauty to be found in a landscape - such as the contemplation of the horizon or an outline of hills - with the aim of suggesting a sense of calm and safety.

Artists rise up for RISE

Artists Openhouse

RISE has experienced a huge increase in demand for services during the Covid-19 pandemic and all proceeds will go towards helping victims of domestic abuse.

Our Etsy shop will be treated as an artists open house, with pictures of artists studios alongside their artwork.

Judy Stevens of Artists Open Houses said; ‘We're delighted to have this opportunity to support Rise and the work it does, and in a way that is also beneficial to our AOH community of artists, especially in a period when the AOH festival has had to be temporarily postponed until the autumn.’

'Green Loch No.8' by Emma Jackson was part of a series of paintings based on a magical green pool Emma found whilst walking in the Cairngorms National Park.'It was and still is a peaceful place for contemplation, which is what most of my work seeks to find and share with others.' Emma said.

A Tender Transformation Oak May 2020 Walter Bailey

This sculpture made by Walter Bailey is entitled ‘A Tender Transformation'. It is freestanding and carved from a single piece of Sussex oak.

"A Tender Transformation represents the power held in an acorn, this vulnerable fragment of life has the potential to become a vast oak and as a working class child witness of domestic violence, trees have given me a lifetime of shelter, inspiration, materials and the hope of coming home to wholeness" says the artist.

There is a range of artwork available to buy from our RISEGB Etsy shop. Local artists have donated ceramics, bas relief plaques, prints, acrylic paintings and so much more!

There is something for every art lover.

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