We have put together a collection of useful resources to support children, young people and families during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The most important thing that we want you to remember, is that it is normal to feel a whole range of emotions during these extraordinary times. Feeling stressed and anxious is not a sign of you not coping. It is as important that you look after your and your children's emotional well-being as it is your physical health.

We hope that these resources help you to talk about what we are going through together, find healthy ways of coping and ideas for managing the isolation that we are experiencing from our usual support networks.

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"The Gruffalo author Julia Donaldson shows her characters social distancing"

Read more, via: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/ent...

*And watch out for Thursday afternoon story-time with Julia Donaldson via Facebook! Where she is sharing her much loved picture books, such as: "The Gruffalo" @OfficialGruffalo


Have you seen our self-care page? This has practical breathing tips and other video tips: click here to view these videos

Square breathing exercises for young people and adults

Square breathing exercises for children

Two minutes Mindfulness: Balloon Breaths/Belly Breaths - Breathing exercise for Children

Hand Breathing Relaxation and Regulation Tool by Dr Karen Treisman

Rhythm, Relaxation + Butterfly Hug for children and young people

5,4,3,2,1 Exercises


Making a schedule and acknowledging your reactions are normal

Self Care Kit Pic

Readings for young people on healthy relationships, mental health and staying safe.

Some ideas for keeping active, sparking creativity and feeling inspired: