Freelance Supervisor/Coach

For group & 1:1 supervision of RISE Service Managers.
We are looking to complement our freelance clinical governance team with an experienced supervisor to support our team of Service Managers, from February 2018.

Freelance Supervisor/Coach

Closing date: Thursday 20th December, 2018

Salary: £50 per hour

Hours: To be negotiated

Quote reference: FCC121815

All of our supervisory team need to be able to support staff to reflect on the impact of the work they do in supportive and illuminating ways, which enable them to maintain safe, healthy boundaries between their internal worlds and the work that they do. Supervisors also have a role in supporting people’s professional learning and development, and we expect all supervisors to model and demonstrate diversity-positive behaviours and language.

You may be interested in this role if you are an experienced Clinical Supervisor or Coaching Supervisor and you:

  • Have a good, up-to-date understanding of the dynamics of domestic abuse, it’s gendered nature, it’s impact on staff, and the workplace;
  • Have a practical, person centred and solution focussed approach and are flexible in your approach
  • Are qualified and experienced in a relevant professional area e.g. counselling, psychotherapy, social work, management coaching etc.
  • Have experience supervising managers in an organisational setting

This role currently has a cohort of 6 Service Managers to work with, both as a group and on a 1:1 basis, meeting with them individually twice per quarter and once per quarter as a group. Supervisors also attend a quarterly Clinical Governance Group meeting with senior RISE staff, which is an opportunity to feedback themes and keep up to date with what’s happening in the organisation.

People from BME backgrounds and/or who are LGBT are under-represented in our supervisor group and are encouraged to apply.

To apply for this role, please download the Contract Specification here and Application Form here and using the Contract Specification as a guide, complete the application form and return to:

[email protected] and [email protected]

by 9.00am Thursday 20th December 2018

We aim to invite shortlisted people to meet with us in the second or third week of January and this is likely to be on a Wednesday.