Marcella's challenge

Marcella is a domestic abuse survivor who has used RISE's services... and now she is telling her story to raise money for RISE. Will you join her in a Christmas challenge?

We’re inviting you to take Marcella’s Challenge this Christmas!

Marcella is an inspirational woman, who says that without RISE she doesn’t think she would be here today. She’s decided to launch a Christmas fundraising campaign for us… can you RISE to the challenge?

Marcella is going to take the ultimate challenge and go for a dip in the ice-cold sea in Brighton on Christmas day! Will you join her and take a festive plunge?

Tips for sea swimming safely:

  • Make sure you swim with a buddy
  • Know the weather conditions and if they are within your capability - if in any doubt, don't get in!
  • Make sure you are physically and mentally well for the swim (not advisable to swim if you are tired or feeling the affects of alcohol)
  • Make sure you are prepared for warming up afterwards - you will get colder before you get warmer when you exit the water, so remove wet clothes immediately, put on plenty of layers and have a warm drink

Don't worry if that's not your thing - your challenge doesn’t need to be as physical, it could be based on a small act of kindness. Why not challenge yourself to bake Marcella’s banana bread recipe, which she shared with many of the women who stayed at refuge with her? You could ask people to sponsor you to do this, or if you need more inspiration on how you can raise funds for RISE, head over to our fundraising ideas page >>

Once you've decided on your challenge, it's so easy to set up a Just Giving page! All you need to do is follow this link and select 'start fundraising':

Set up my JustGiving page >>