Opportunity for companies to sponsor a HEROES RUN marker!

Posted April, 2019

We're offering companies an opportunity to sponsor one of our kilometre markers at our annual RISE-branded challenge event, the HEROES RUN! Do you think your superhero company will RISE up & grab the opportunity?

Are you a business with a presence in Brighton & Hove? Would you benefit from having your brand associated with one of the city’s leading local charities, and the opportunity to engage with a brand new audience?

We are offering you the opportunity to sponsor a kilometre marker at our forthcoming HEROES RUN!

What we’re offering

The opportunity to sponsor one of nine kilometre markers, for £500. Each marker is a striking two metres tall, and will be emblazoned with your company logo and a super hero in your brand colours!

What you get:

  • Increased visibility of your company’s name and logo
    resulting in greater brand recognition
  • Build community goodwill and positive consumer perception
    through demonstrating excellent Corporate Social
  • Opportunity to engage staff your staff in the event
  • Great content for social media marketing
  • We will also thank you publically on our newsletter and social media channels, which have the following reach:
    - Facebook: 2,767 followers
    - Twitter: 6,200 followers

    For more information visit the HEROES RUN website and download the PDF about this #SuperheroesRISEup opportunity.

    If you are interested in pursuing this unique and frankly awesome sponsorship opportunity, please contact [email protected].