RISE is excited to join Lewes FC SisterShips Initiative

Posted August, 2019

Lewes Football Club is launching its SisterShips on Sunday, 18th August at the club's first game of the new FA Women's Championship League season.
We are thrilled to announce that RISE is one of the partner organisations of the Initiative!

Sisterships is a partnership programme, which aims to create a new network of female empowerment, while also involving more women in football. The programme will provide free and discounted women's football tickets to its women-supporting partner organisations, so that matches become a place for women to come together and have fun, but also to network and share their messages.

Since 2010, Lewes FC has been a 100% fan-owned, democratic, not-for-profit football club. All owners pay a certain amount each year to have a say in how the club is run.

The member organisations of SisterShips will also benefit from a 25% discount if they wish to buy a Lewes FC ownership share. We will also have the opportunity to set up stalls at the match and promote our campaigns across the club's social media platforms.

Lewes FC has always been aware of the political aspect and the power of women's football. In 2017, it became a leader in the move to equal pay by being the first (and still only) club paying their women's team the same as their men’s and providing equal resources for coaching, training and facilities.

"We're proud to support Lewes FC as a women's sector organisation whose principles are rooted in feminism. It's encouraging to see one of our local clubs leading the way in equality standards. We hope to see other football clubs worldwide following suit" said our CEO, Jo Gough, after watching the last women’s Lewes FC game.

She also added, "It was a really good afternoon, and I have one inspired little girl."


It's exciting for RISE to support this initiative, which encourages and contributes to the empowerment of women! We’re also very happy to take part in this project together with other feminist organisations, such as Brighton Women Centre (BWC), The Girls' Network, FiLiA, Lewes Women In Business, Sister Society, Lewes Women's Rugby Club, Oasis Project, and The Old Market Theatre (Reigning Women).

We believe that the SisterShips initiative will build inspiring relations between women-supporting organisations and will contribute to Lewes FC’s aim of giving women the confidence and opportunity to achieve their ambitions.