Claire's poem

Posted July, 2020

Claire stayed in our refuge and wrote this poem to give hope to other women experiencing abuse.

To the woman that is reading this; deep breaths and say strong

You’re doing your best, there’s no right or wrong

You’ve come from a life that is best left behind

Time to concentrate on you, your heart, soul and mind.

Look in the mirror and see a warrior staring out at you

Wipe those tears away, it’s a rough time you’ve been through.

You’re over the worst of it, you’re finally safe now,

Forever asking questions like “why?” and “how?”

Look all around you and the women that are here,

They’ve all experienced hardship, heartache and fear.

Try classes, make friends and positive times you will see,

It’s all about your future, just let your past be.

You’re beautiful, loved, and amazing in every way.

They may have stolen your confidence but your soul is here to stay.

So hold your head high, it’s time to shine bright,

And when you have a dark day, fight with all your might.

Here is Claire's poem brought to life.