Johnny Depp’s defeat in libel case – RISE statement

Posted November, 2020

Domestic abuse campaigners everywhere are hailing Johnny Depp’s defeat in the London libel courts as a victory that offers hope to other survivors: that they will not only be believed, but that justice will be done.

“The verdict shows the world that status and wealth cannot be used to silence women,” says Jo Gough, CEO of RISE. “Unfortunately this is a story we see time and time again, where male perpetrators of domestic abuse their power, influence and financial resources to control their victims. This ruling shows that no matter who you are or who your abuser is, you will be listened to and believed, and organisations like RISE exist to help you get justice. We stand in solidarity with Amber Heard, who had the courage to speak out about what was happening to her behind closed doors. We hope that this goes some way to challenging the shame and stigma domestic abuse survivors can experience.”