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RISE continues to help domestic abuse survivors during lock down - and we can support them in leaving abusive relationships and convicting their perpetrators when they're in a position to do so. But right now survivors' safety and privacy is being compromised by being named in press at a time where they are at the highest risk from their perpetrator (1).

Survivors who have been through abuse and the added ordeal of taking their perpetrator through court should be free from the further danger and privacy invasion - by being named in the news.

RISE wants to change the law to make it illegal for survivors' names to be put in the papers after their court cases. Help ensure they can draw a line under their experiences and move on to rebuild their lives.

(1) In 2018, 37 women had separated or taken steps to separate from their male partner when they were killed by them...89% [were killed] within the first year [of separation]. From the 2018 Femicide Census: 2018 Findings, p. 24

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