Residuary Legacy

A residuary legacy, also referred to as a share of your estate, is the percentage of the remainder of your estate once all other legacies and costs have been paid. Whatever your circumstances, a percentage will make the biggest difference to our work. Also, it won’t be affected by inflation, so your gift will retain its value.

If you want to leave a residuary legacy please ask your solicitor to use the wording below:

I give all/a share of [please state fraction/percentage] the residue of my estate absolutely to R.I.S.E (Refuge,Information,Support,Education) of PO Box 889, Brighton, BN2 1GH Registered Charity no. 1065846, Company registration no. 3425008 absolutely, the sum [amount in figures, amount in words] to be applied by R.I.S.E (Refuge,Information,Support,Education) for its charitable purposes, and I further direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or any other proper officer of R.I.S.E (Refuge,Information,Support,Education) for the time being shall be sufficient discharge to my executors.

Residuary Legacy

If you don't have a will yet

We’ve partnered with Make a Will Online so you can make a will quickly and easily at no cost to you. You can do this here.

Every will made is checked by a qualified solicitor. You also have access to their helplines if you have any questions. When you make your will, really useful information is shared with us including when you made your will and how much was pledged. If you choose to disclose your name and email to us we can get in touch to say “thank you” and make sure you know what we’re up to in the future.

Residuary Legacy

Our pledge

We cannot thank you enough for choosing to leave a gift in your will for RISE. We pledge that;

· Your friends and family come first. We understand that you will want to make them your main beneficiaries of your Will and take care of them first.

· Every penny will count. Your money will go to where the needs is greatest and will be spent in the most costs effective way.

· We respect your privacy and will handle your legacy gift with the utmost care and sensitivity. We abide by the most recent Data Protection laws of the UK.

· There is no pressure to tell us that you have left a gift to us in your will. You are under no obligation to do so. If you have requested a legacy pack we will not contact you further unless you specifically authorise us to.

Thank you so much for considering a gift in your will to RISE.

We really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

If you have any questions:

Please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01273 622828 ext *231 or email Alex at [email protected]