Read below for answers to any questions you may have about Superheroes Summer!

Can I fundraise for a different charity once I've entered Superheroes Summer?

As much as we'd love for this to be an option, I'm afraid you cannot raise money for a different charity. Organising this challenge event still incurs costs for the charity which we have to cover, and it is a RISE fundraising event.

Do I have to fundraise or get sponsored, as well as paying for my entry?

No, although we do ask for a small additional donation if you're able to. Of course, if you do wish to get sponsored or fundraise for RISE, this is absolutely fine as we need more financial assistance than ever right now.

How do I fundraise for RISE?

Once you sign up, a fundraising page is set up automatically for you - we have a whole host of great prizes for whoever fundraises the most, so make sure you get your friends and family to donate and see where you end up on our virtual leaderboard! Personalising your online sponsorship page is easy! If you need a physical sponsorship form, please email [email protected].

RISE would advise against cash collections at this time due to the Coronavirus. After the event we would really appreciate it if people would pay the money to RISE directly by BACs, contacting us for our bank details in order to do so at [email protected].

What do I have to do to be part of Superheroes Summer?

Click HERE to visit the entry page for Superheroes Summer. Register your details, make a payment of £12 and you're in!

When should I enter?

As early as possible as there are limited medals available. Entries are open now until 4th September when the challenge ends.

How do I earn my medal?

Once you've registered you will receive an email confirming your entry. Then all you need to do is find a costume - you can make one if you like - and set yourself challenge to complete over the school holidays! You'll find some suggestions here. Take a photo (or ask a family member) of you in your costume, email [email protected] to tell us what you've done in your costume or tell us your result if you've chosen to run 5km/10km. We will then send you your medal once the challenge period has finished, after 4th September 2020.

Is there an age limit?

There is no maximum age limit!

Please note that under 16s must be entered by a parent or guardian.

Superheroes On Lawns

When and where does Superheroes Summer take place?

The unique part of Superheroes Summer is that it's now a virtual event! This means that you can complete your fancy dress challenge any time between 18th July and 4th September when the challenge ends. You don't need to live in Sussex to enter, so if you know friends and family members who would love to help our charity and receive a fantastic Heroes medal at the same time, let them know about Superheroes Summer. Anyone, anywhere can take part in this unique, fun, fundraising challenge for RISE.

What costume should I wear?

We want this fundraising event to be as accessible as possible, so anything to do with being a superhero is fine! Why not make a cape out of a bin liner? Or create a mask using some coloured card? The more creative the better!

Are there any restrictions as to what I do to earn my medal?

No! All we ask is that you choose something that isn't hazardous and doesn't push you beyond your capabilities as we don't want anyone to get hurt or injured whilst taking part. It also doesn't need to be a physical challenge as we understand that not everyone can take part in physical activities. This is why you can read a book, play a musical instrument, even sleep as a superhero if you like!

Rise Heroes Run May 2019 029

I've paid for a Superheroes Summer entry but I've changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

Sorry, but we cannot give refunds. From the moment we start to organise events, even virtual ones, we start to incur costs.

Can I take part with my friends?

Of course! However, please do note that one entry = one medal so each person will need to register for a Superheroes Summer individually if you all want your own medals, or to be added to our 5km/10km leader boards.

Can I get my pets involved?

We won't say no! If they're in a costume, it counts! There are prizes available for being creative.

Rise Heroes Run May 2019 380

Can I still run one of the Heroes Run distances?

Absolutely! The Heroes Mini Dash, Youth Mile, 5km and 10km distances will all hopefully be back in 2021 but in the meantime, if you still wish to run one of these whilst dressed as a Superhero this can certainly be your Superheroes Summer Challenge! All we need to see is evidence of your run, whether this is a map or a screenshot of your distance along with a photo of you in costume. We will have leaderboards for the 5km/10km distances if you're a competitive Superhero!

Will there be prizes?

We are looking to award prizes to certain individuals, such as most creative costume and unique challenge idea. Keep an eye on our emails and social media announcements for further information.

Spiderman And Buggy

Is there anything else I can do to be more HEROIC?

There are a lot of things you can do to support us.

  • Can you tell some friends about our Superheroes Summer?
  • Can you help spread the word by sharing your costume photos on social media?
  • Can you run a marathon? Run a half marathon? Volunteer at one of our other events? Or could you put on your own fundraising event? If you want to discuss this or anything else charity related please get in touch with us.

Thanks for being a HERO and part of our SUPERHEROES SUMMER

Love, the RISE team.