We want to make sure that our 8K Undercliff event is as safe as possible. We are following government guidelines closely and will keep our website and social media up to date with any changes to the event.


RISE is using a professional and experienced local Event Manager to oversee the planning and execution of the 2021 Women’s 8K Event on Sunday 3rd October.

In line with current Government and industry guidance relating to outdoor events, we can confirm that a thorough risk assessment relating to COVID-19 will be written, and the event will be planned and organised based on up to date recommendations

It is RISE’s duty of care as an employer to keep all employees, volunteers, contractors and participants safe from harm, as far as is reasonably practicable where related to health and safety including COVID-19.

The Event Manager will act as the event’s COVID-19 Officer on the day of the event, to ensure that all measures relating to the event being COVID-19 Safe are in place and being adhered to.

It is the intention of RISE to educate all participants, spectators, staff members, volunteers and contractors in advance of the event through thorough documentation and briefings.

It is recognised that it is not possible to maintain social distancing in the event of an incident, emergency situation or event evacuation and this will be reflected in the COVID-19 risk assessment. It is also recognised that there must be social distancing between different households and this will be made clear to everyone on site throughout the build period, event period and breakdown.

In the event of government guidance changing, a spike in COVID-19 cases or a local lockdown, RISE will cancel the 2021 event and it will become a virtual 8K Run for Women, with no event taking place in Brighton & Hove.

If you have any questions relating to the above, please email [email protected]