Our Values

Respect: value individuals, their experiences, and opinions. Effectively communicate positive regard through verbal and non-verbal messages which reinforce an individual’s self-worth, strengths, choices and freedoms.

Independence and empowerment: fosters a sense of personal responsibility in people, giving them the confidence to make their own decisions and to live their lives free from control; enabling an individual to think, behave, direct and control decision making in autonomous ways.

Safety: understands, promotes and models practice which prioritises people’s physical and emotional safety, having the ability to recognise and challenge unsafe practice effectively and appropriately.

Equality: places priority upon understanding and challenging the prejudices of the self, others, organisations and institutions in order to ensure services are developed to meet the needs of all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion.

Diversity: embraces and encourages the existence and development of different approaches, skills and orientations. Recognises how to harness diversity to redefine and work towards a unified purpose and goal.

Learning and development: promotes and participates in a culture which recognises the need to reflect, challenge, educate, train and develop the self and others in order to gain knowledge, insight and awareness.

Client centred: ensuring that clients’ needs inform and direct all areas of professional practice, that these are accurately represented and not motivated by self-interest. Is aware of their own needs as a worker and has strategies to ensure these are not exploited through the client-worker relationship.