Organise an event

Are you thinking about organising an event for RISE? Here is a handy checklist to help you get all of your ducks in a row!

  1. Spend some time thinking about how to fundraise.
    Find something that suits your lifestyle, personality and passions. You can download our Fundraising Pack for more inspiration.

  2. Ask friends, family and colleagues to help you.
    How about your faith group, exercise class, sports team, local school? Will your employer match your fundraising?

  3. Set a date and time.
    Are there any other big local events on at the same time? When is your audience free? Is weather important?

  4. Set a target and budget.
    Targets encourage your supporters to give you more. We recommend spending no more than £1 for every £3 you raise. Email [email protected] to ask us for a Budget Template.

  5. Find a venue/sponsor/raffle prize. Whoever you need to contact, do it by phone if you can. It’s much more personal. Tell the venue you are putting on your event for RISE and you may get it at a discount or even for free.

  6. Keep it safe and legal.
    As fundraisers we are regulated by law and as such have to follow certain procedures. If you do the same for your event everything should go smoothly. Please read page 9 of our Fundraising Pack to find out about insurance and regulations abround food and drink.

  7. Set up an online sponsorship page at See top tips to raise more money with JustGiving on page 8 of our Fundraising Pack. Paper sponsorship forms are at the back of this pack.

  8. Give us a call.
    We love to hear what you are up to. We can provide balloons and bags, t-shirts, collection boxes and buckets, banners and flags, as well as support with budgeting and social media promotion. We can even put it on our website or in our newsletter.

  9. Talk about it.
    Let your supporters know how you are getting on and why you are fundraising for RISE on social media and by word of mouth. Tag us on social media with @RISEUK and we will help you spread the word. If you need logos or images get in touch.

  10. Enjoy yourself!
    Have a fabulous time celebrating your hard work.

  11. Pay the money in.
    Don’t forget Gift Aid. Remind everyone paying tax in the UK this will increase their donation by 25%.

  12. Say thank you.
    Whether it’s a thank you on social media or a personal handwritten note to supporters and everyone who helped you out, a note to let everyone know how you got on and how much you raised will go a long way.