Wellbeing for Young People (13yrs+)

You are not alone - we can all have times when we need a bit more support or guidance.

Wellbeing for Young People (13yrs+)
The current's fast but the river moves slow And I can feel things changing ― Kate Tempest, "People's Faces"

Understanding why things might feel harder during adolescence

"Your Amazing Brain" with Nicola Morgan

"Your Special Teenage Brain" with Nicola Morgan

"The Adolescent Brain" by Dan Siegel

"The Teenage Brain Explained" by SciShow

Learning more about how experiences might impact us

If you have questions worries or thoughts that you want to discuss after looking at any of these, you can contact your RISE therapist or email us at [email protected].

"Understanding 'Fight Flight and Freeze' (Our Survival Responses)" by Braive

"The Window of Tolerance (Managing our Emotions)" by Beacon House

"Repair of Early Trauma" by Beacon House

"Fight Flight Freeze – Anxiety Explained For Teens"

Helping yourself to feel calm (in daily life and at night for better sleep)

"Beautiful Relaxing Music for Stress Relief - Sleep Music - Study Music - Meditation Music"

"Breathing and Relaxation Exercises" with Dr Karen

"Why Mindfulness is a Super Power" by Happify

"Meditations to Relieve Stress" Free Daily Meditations for Kids by Health Journeys

"Mindfulness 'Beditation'" - Help with Sleep

More Ideas for Supporting Your Wellbeing: Check out our RISE 'self-care' and 'support during the Coronavirus pandemic' pages (below)

You've got the love - learning to be kind to yourself

"Being Kinder to Yourself" - Science of Happiness

"How To Be a Friend to Yourself" by the School of Life

"Self-compassion" by The School of Life

"Wired to Learn"

Wellbeing for Young People (13yrs+)
Wellbeing for Young People (13yrs+)

PDFs - Read Online or Download

Share them with family, friends or teachers to help them see what you are going through and how they can help.

Wellbeing for Young People (13yrs+)

Anxiety Mind Booklet

pdf (230.23 KB)

Bereavement Mind Booklet

pdf (346.77 KB)

Depression Young Minds

pdf (2.69 MB)

Eating Problems Mind Booklet

pdf (341.64 KB)

Relaxation Sleep Managing Stress

pdf (113.68 KB)

Support With Wellbeing At School Rise

pdf (287.03 KB)

Self Harm Mind Booklet

pdf (411.61 KB)

Book list: We like these books (below) for getting to know more about what things might impact us as teenagers and what might help us.

If you can't buy a copy, RISE might be able to lend you a copy and some are available in the local libraries:

  • "Blame my Brain" by Nicola Morgan
  • "The Teenage Guide to Stress" By Nicola Morgan
  • Help! I've Got an Alarm bell Going off in my Head
  • "Starving the Anxiety Gremlin: A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Workbook on Anxiety Management for Young People " by Kate Collins-Donnelly
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