Our Strategic Aims

Our expectation is that there will be a continuing need for our specialist expertise and so we are planning to have a firm foundation that will continue until ‘Freedom from Abuse and Violence’ is the norm for everyone. Until that time, we will not give up and we will not keep quiet.

RISE is now heading into a stronger position as an organisation with a clearer direction of travel and a renewed ambition to end violence against women, their families and LGBTQ+ people.

We are clear on our strengths and our weaknesses, have clarity in our operating approach, and have a strong, capable staff and volunteer team to underpin our ambition.

To achieve these ambitions we will focus on the following Strategic Aims:

Our Strategic Aims


RISE will be a centre of excellence for domestic violence and abuse knowledge and expertise, building on existing and creating new evidence basis for our work and achieving recognised quality standards appropriate to our work and sector.

  1. Improve on our existing expertise and grow specialist, domestic violence and abuse services that continue to be feminist-informed, trauma informed and centre on the strengths of survivors, enabling their ‘space for action’.
  2. Remain centred in Brighton and grow beyond the boundaries of our current provision into new delivery and geographical areas ensuring we are linked to national and international best practice.
  3. Support survivors at all points on their journey impacted by perpetrators of abuse including prevention, early intervention, crisis, recovery and through to independence.
  4. Build and consolidate our strengths-based approach to supporting the ‘space for action’ of the survivor – risk will be included but not shape and define our way of working with people affected by abuse and violence.
  5. Focus on women, their families and LGBTQ+ identified people as priority; providing specialist expert help; meeting and representing their diverse needs under the umbrella of ‘One RISE’.
  6. Develop our provision of expert support for the differing but connected needs of both children and adults.
  7. Extend our reach to marginalised groups who may be more vulnerable to abuse.
Our Strategic Aims

Community Focused

RISE will broaden our reach, take a community approach and increase our role in a community response to domestic violence and abuse by collaborating with professional partners, communities of interest, and working in neighbourhoods to make sure DVA is everyone’s business.

  1. Connect with others in the areas we operate and across the country to build new resources, better understanding, and to challenge victim-blaming.
  2. Retain solid communication with and representation at Safeguarding, Criminal Justice and Family Justice partnerships and decision-making forums.
  3. Re-open community relationships that have previously closed or lost momentum to enable better reach for survivors.
  4. Co-locate our services in community settings and walk alongside survivors at all points in their lives to learn how best to support them.
  5. Collaborate with key sector partners and develop new partnerships with businesses and education institutions.
Our Strategic Aims

Voice & Leadership

RISE will be a recognised leading voice on domestic abuse and violence in the context of violence against women and girls (VAWG) and come alongside survivors to amplify their voices to inform provision and bring social change.

  1. Have a stronger campaigning voice and solid media presence to change attitudes and make the case for sustainable services.
  2. Make good use of all channels of communication including digital.
  3. Be active and influential in political decision-making and policy development.
  4. Build on and grow our Brand by keeping our values central and being human in our responses, ensuring the rights and stories of survivors are at the core of our thinking.
  5. Amplify those voices least heard and people hardly ever reached and actively create platforms and space for these voices to be heard.
  6. Recognise and challenge structural inequalities and layers of oppression that create an environment that tolerates abuse and violence and voice this clearly.
Our Strategic Aims

Secure, Sustainable and Future-Proofed

  1. Diversify and grow our income streams and supporter base recognising a decreasing reliance on public funds.
  2. Compliance with internal policy, legislation and contracts.
  3. Invest in our expert workforce providing core training and development opportunities.
  4. Create a working environment that is trauma-informed for our staff and volunteers.
  5. Commit to and grow our volunteer base making volunteering core business.
  6. Protect our existing intellectual property and capitalise on our new business opportunities.
  7. Exploit new technology for service delivery, to improve accessibility and modernise our service offer.
  8. Manage charitable funds to meet the RISE vision making good investments to secure the future of the organisation.
  9. Commit to good governance principles and practice including robust management of risk.
Our Strategic Aims


RISE has a robust and efficient governance structure that delivers quality, value for money services in line with RISE vision and strategic aims.