Join the fight against domestic abuse

You can be part of the community response to domestic abuse in Brighton & Hove.

Communities Rising’s aim is to mobilise the voices, skills, actions and networks of women survivors and others in our communities in order to galvanise positive change around the issue of violence against women and girls (VAWG). The project plans to do this by creating both a physical and a digital hub and network where survivors, community members and mentors can gather to learn skills, open conversations, take part in debate and take individual and collective action.

Join the fight against domestic abuse
I want to be involved in an empowering way. I have been a victim, a survivor, and now I am an activist.
- RISE Community Member
Join the fight against domestic abuse

Community Connector Programme

Are you passionate about making a positive change in your community?
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Join the fight against domestic abuse

Older and Disabled Women's Drop-in

We host a free, weekly, one-to-one drop-in for women experiencing domestic abuse at Hove Library. No appointment is needed.