Gifts in Wills

Did you know that it's possible to give some money in your will to charity and still leave 95% for your family and loved ones?

Leaving a gift to RISE is a true legacy because domestic violence and abuse destroys lives, often through generations, and can be a hard cycle to break free from. With one in four women affected, it’s almost as prevalent as cancer.

Gifts in Wills

Community Wills Sussex

We're proud to be a part of the Community Wills Sussex initiative, launched in April 2023.

Get a free will when you pledge at least £150 to one of the four partner charities.

Find out more here.

Gifts in Wills

Make a Will Online

Domestic abuse is the issue that’s been behind closed doors. It’s tricky to talk about. There’s secrecy and shame. And yet you’ll know someone that’s been affected, whether you know it or not.

RISE has, for over 25 years, been striving for freedom from physical, emotional, psychological, financial abuse and coercive control.

But no difficult journey can be undertaken alone, and a gift in your will will help re-build the futures of women and children in the beautiful city of Brighton and Hove we call home.

Your money will go towards safe housing in our refuge, our helpline, and therapy services – all with a view to our survivors being able to build healthy and happy relationships for future generations to come.

Make a will online, for free, here.

If you have any questions please get in touch by emailing [email protected]

Gifts in Wills

Types of gifts

We've teamed up with the fantastic Make a Will Online so that you can make a will quickly and easily at no cost! You can do this here and every will is checked by a qualified solicitor. You'll also have access to their helpline in case you have any questions, and are entitled to three free updates and an ‘aftercare’ package once your will has been made. If you choose to disclose your name and email address to us we can get in touch to say “thank you” and make sure you know what we’re up to in future.

Despite all the legal jargon, leaving a legacy is easy. Here’s how…

Gifts in Wills

Our pledge to you

· Your friends and family come first. We understand that you will want to make them the main beneficiaries of your will and take care of them first.

· Every penny will count. Your money will go to where the needs are greatest and will be spent in the most costs effective way.

· We respect your privacy and will handle your legacy gift with the utmost care and sensitivity. We abide by the most recent Data Protection laws of the UK.

· There is no pressure to tell us that you have left a gift to us in your will. You are under no obligation to do so. If you have requested a legacy pack we will not contact you further unless you specifically authorise us to.

Thank you so much for considering a gift in your Will to RISE.