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RISE provides specialist support to help local families affected by domestic abuse.

Domestic or sexual abuse or violence can happen to anyone. If you're reading this, the chances are that you or someone you know will have been affected. You can click here to find out more about domestic abuse and the effects it can have.

LGBTQ+ service

If you are LGBTQ+ and are concerned that you may be in an abusive relationship, you can contact our LGBTQ+ team. Find out more on the LGBTQ+ page >>

Black and Minority Ethnic Communities (BME)

If you are part of a BME community and want specialist information, please visit the BME page on our website >>

Not part of these communities?

Then please read on below.

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One woman in four will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.

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Whether you are currently in an abusive relationship or have experienced one in the past and are still dealing with the effects, we can help you.

You can get in touch by calling 01273 622 828, by visiting one of our weekly drop-ins, or online via the Portal. Click here to find out more about each of these services.

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RISE have changed my life and I really encourage anyone reading this who is worried or feeling unsafe, or just confused and unsure, to call them.
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Support & advice

RISE offers emotional support and practical advice to survivors of domestic abuse and their families.
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Parents & children

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I want to help a friend or family member

It can be extremely worrying when you fear someone you know may be being hurt or abused by their partner, ex-partner or family member.
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