RISE support groups

Domestic abuse can be extremely isolating, so our support groups an invaluable way of making you feel understood and less alone.

Peer Support Groups

We run regular groups for women who are currently affected by domestic abuse, or who have experienced it in the past.

It can be helpful to talk to other women who have had similar experiences, share coping techniques and practical advice. The Peer Support Group is a safe and supportive space facilitated by an experienced RISE case worker.


A 12 week recovery and empowerment support group for women no longer in an abusive relationship. We are currently running both in-erson and online versions of the group.

The group looks at:

  • Trauma
  • Communication
  • The impact of abuse
  • Coping strategies

ReGroup moves women towards recovery through improving self-esteem and assertiveness.

RISE support groups
Attending this group was an extremely valuable and rewarding experience which helped me to build more of an identity based around that of a survivor rather than a victim.
A former RISE service user
RISE support groups

If you are interested in attending one of our support groups, please call our helpline on 01273 622 828.

RISE support groups