Practical help

Keeping yourself and your family safe, fed and warm is the highest priority.

As a survivor of domestic abuse you may be frightened that your home isn’t safe, or you might not have access to your own money.

There are a practical ways we may be able to help. For example:

  • If you’re frightened and vulnerable at home, we may be able to make a referral to the local Sanctuary Scheme to work with you to make your home more secure (a Sanctuary Scheme is where professionally installed, enhanced security measures are added to your home to keep you safe).
  • If you’re short of money, we may be able to arrange a referral to your local food bank.
Practical help
I will always remember you and be grateful for you helping me change my life so much. I really am very happy now and feel confident that I will only have healthy future relationships, wishing you a very happy life! Thanks again.
Anonymous RISE service user
Practical help

Connecting with other survivors

Women’s Aid runs an online Survivors’ Forum which is a safe, anonymous, space for women (over 18) who have been affected by domestic abuse, to share their experiences and support one another.
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