Becoming a RISE Business Partner or RISE Professional Ambassador

Here you will find everything you need to know on how your organisation can satisfy their social responsibility and support RISE.

In addition to having your brand associated with one of the Brighton and Hove's leading local charities, and the opportunity to engage with a brand new audience, becoming a RISE Business Partner is a great way for us to work with the business community and also help us raise much needed funds. Not only do our partners give financial support with their charitable donations, but they also help their employees to get motivated and connected through fundraising and volunteering.

By becoming a RISE Business Partner, you will enable your organisation to fulfil your social responsibility objectives and go beyond simply operating as ethically as possible and become actively involved in improving society by helping us to increase our impact and make sustainable change to lives of women, girls and LGBT+ people affected by domestic abuse in Brighton and Hove.

There are lots of great reasons to get involved with RISE and develop a partnership, perhaps even turning your business into a Corporate Social Responsibility Award Winner (we can't promise this one but we would support you with any award nominations or applications)!

Why we need your support

Our vision is a world free of domestic violence and abuse. Your business can help us to support more women, children, and LGBT+ people, so they can gain freedom for themselves to recover and rebuild their lives.

With your support, we can reach more survivors with our life-saving services. We can answer more calls on our helpline, provide more counselling for children, and help more women and LGBT+ people be safe in their homes. We can spread our training further so more people know how to respond to domestic abuse appropriately, and we can campaign for a better world.

What we do with your money

We work in Brighton and Hove and across Sussex on a wide range of domestic abuse issues and will direct your donation to where it is most needed.

We ensure that there are specialist, women-led, independent, and confidential services available for women and children who have experienced any form of domestic abuse at any time in their lives.

We welcome support for our crucial core costs which fund growth and development across the whole of RISE. We are also able to offer the opportunity to direct your donation towards an issue that reflects your business interests and values and will work closely with you to track the impact your gift has.

RISE Business Partnership

There are so many ways in which your organisation can support RISE. For example a one-off donation, payroll giving, event or project sponsorship. Do you have a specialist skill you could provide for us pro-bono? And of course, you can always raise money through your own workplace fundraising events. Every penny you donate will help us protect vulnerable adults and children who desperately need our help.

Corporate Fundraising Guide web

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Working together

We already mentioned the brand value of being a RISE Business Partner, in addition to this you and your employees would gain access to our DVA Essentials 1-Hour Training free of charge. This training is designed to provide key information about DVA and the role of employers in responding to it effectively.

We have more detailed training packages available to all businesses or we can work with you to provide a bespoke package tailored to the values and needs of your organisation and within your budget. We also provide training for your organisation to have DVA Business Ambassadors who are supported by our specialist team.

For organisations that want to increase their awareness and learn about the culture change around domestic violence and abuse, we can work with your senior managers at a strategic level. For example, you may want support to develop a Domestic Violence and Abuse in the Workplace Policy that works with your organisational practice and processes. We are subject matter experts and can work with you to improve existing policies or create new ones.

Corporate Training Pack web

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RISE Professional Ambassadors

If your organisation is already supporting a charity but you would like to become involved in a more professional capacity you could become a RISE Professional Ambassador, these are professional individuals who support our work by dedicating a few hours each month to raise awareness of our charity.

For example: You could represent RISE at networking events or write social media posts about the work we do and share those through your business accounts. Even sharing our posts via LinkedIn helps; the more we get our message out there, the more we can help those who need us.

Speaking at business or networking events, and even finding business partners for sponsorship opportunities are other ways to support and raise awareness of RISE in a professional capacity.

Becoming a RISE Business Partner or RISE Professional Ambassador

Get in touch

If your organisation is interested in becoming a RISE Business Partner or your would like more information on how to become a RISE Business Ambassador, then contact us by Email

Our dedicated team will work with you to match your business interests and values with the work we do, ensuring your support has the greatest impact for people experiencing abuse.

Becoming a RISE Business Partner or RISE Professional Ambassador