Legal help with children

Leaving an abusive relationship is complex and never easy. Navigating the Family Court and negotiating custody and access to children can be long, expensive and very confusing.

But it doesn't have to be. RISE can offer you support and advice through our workshops, which include:

  • Parenting and Child Contact
  • Family Court & Legal

We will talk you through the processes, the legal frameworks, help you understand your rights and give you tools you need to help you every step of the way.

Legal advice

Depending on your circumstances, our partner, solicitors Fitzhugh Gates, can offer you a free initial 30-minute consultation with a family law solicitor. Appointments can be made through RISE, by calling our helpline on 01273 622 828, or by contacting Fitzhugh Gates directly.

For information and advice on legal matters, Rights of Women is a charity that helps women to understand and use the law, and their legal rights.

Another useful organisation is Coram Children’s Legal Centre. Their Child Law Advice Service provides free legal advice and information on child and family issues. They also run a dedicated telephone line for calls on child and family law.

You may be entitled to the Government's Legal Aid scheme. You can check your eligibility here.