Ideas for Fundraising Off and Online

Thinking of making a change? We have put together this page to answer all your fundraising queries!

Before we get into exploring the different ways you can get involved with supporting RISE, we would just like to say a huge thank you for having us in mind! Choices to fundraise for RISE really help to fuel our agenda. Every tiny bit of support goes such a long way in making a difference. So what happens now? After you have spent time thinking about how you would like to fundraise, you can ask family, friends and colleagues to get involved. Who knows maybe your employer might match your fundraising? Set a target and a budget; targets encourage supporters to help you achieve your goal. You can ask us for a budget template. Spread the word! It's always useful to get people talking whether that's in the office or through social media.

Digital Events: How you can safely fundraise from home

During these unusual times, it is very handy to know how exactly you can digitally fundraise from your own home! As well as coming up with new creative ideas, you can always virtually adapt ideas i.e an at home bake-off! Get people to connect and bake together by asking for donations to join the video call. This could be done on Zoom, Whatsapp, Houseparty, whatever you prefer. Remember to spread the word especially through social media! Here are a few other ideas to get your creativity flowing during lockdown!

  • Virtual quiz: Get your thinking hats on and a team together to take part in a virtual quiz. This is great fun; it's a popular method of online fundraising for a reason! Click here for a step-by-step guide to setting up your own.
  • Workout class: Do you have stretching tips to share? Or are you a Zumba pro? Host an online class where you can get people on their feet. Once they have donated you can send them a link to join the class and a time & date.
  • Meditation/Wellness sessions: Many will be struggling mentally under the current climate and getting cabin fever so this is a brilliant way to encourage relaxation and escapism. This can be carried out the same way as the previous idea.
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Your fundraising journey starts with inspiration!

Here is a list of some of the popular ways you can fundraise for RISE. Read on to find out how you can adapt some of these ideas on to virtual platforms.

  • Birthdays, Anniversaries, Parties: This is a brilliant way of bringing people together whilst supporting an amazing cause. You can ask for entry fees or ask for donations instead of gifts!
  • Give Something Up: A sponsored month of no social media, swearing, makeup, whatever you can. Anything goes!
  • An Open Mic Night: A fantastic way to showcase talent! By charging a small amount to attend, guests can watch or perform themselves. Whether it's a song, joke or poem, this is a really fun way to fundraise.
  • Let your creativity flow: Get your craft on by making and selling something. This could be something you’ve knitted, designed or even baked!
  • Get moving: Run, swim, walk or cycle, you can take part in all sorts of events, some of which RISE put on ourselves. The RISE 8K, half-marathons, full marathons, park runs…plenty of opportunities to get your trainers on and get fit for RISE.
  • Tutorials: Teach a skill! Whether that's something digital or a groovy eye shadow look, the options are endless!
  • Virtual jumble sale: With more time on our hands, many people are using this opportunity to declutter their drawers and transform their wardrobes. Start selling or auctioning your unwanted goods then proceed to donate what you have raised!
  • Online Pet show: After the success of our very own pet show for the Heroes Run, we cannot recommend this enough. Get people to donate and submit photos and/or videos of their adorable pets!
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  • Quarantine Birthdays: Lockdown birthdays can be tough without being able to celebrate with all your friends and family. A lovely idea to combat birthday blues is to set up a fundraiser, donating what you would have spent on drinks, catering, hiring a venue etc! You can sit back, relax on your birthday knowing you're donating to a fantastic cause.
  • Sell your creations: Use this extra time to finally get those paintbrushes out or finish writing that poem! Wherever your passion lies, now is a fantastic time to sell something you have created. You can start by spreading the word on social media and begin donating profits to us. One of our fabulous supporters Megan Styles is handcrafting beautiful earrings in support of Wycombe Women's Aid and RISE! Head over to her Instagram @MegsEarrings for more information and ways to get your hands on a pair!
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  • Virtual Open Mic: The feminist bookshop put together an incredible live poetry and spoken word night in aid of RISE. The You Are Not Alone evening was a huge success and we can't thank them enough! Get together some talented people to share a song, joke or poem and host a zoom open mic night!
  • Game night: Board Games are a fabulous way to lift spirits. Get fundraising by getting people involved in games that could be played virtually such as Pictionary and charades!

How to donate your profits

Due to COVID-19, these are the preferred methods of safely donating online:

  • On this website: A simple way of donating directly to us is to select the pink ‘Donate’ button in the top right of our screen.
  • JustGiving: This is a popular method of payment used by many when setting up fundraisers. It’s simple to use; just follow these simple steps to create your own JustGiving page!
    • Login here or set up an account.
    • You then click ‘start fundraising’ and then you can search for RISE. Here you can also search for a specific campaign or event such as our Half Marathon.
    • After you have selected RISE, this where you can select what you are doing (exercise, celebration or a virtual activity).
    • Next, you will be prompted to answer a few questions about your fundraiser such as the date and times.
    • Then you can select your web address name and then finally select ‘create your page’!
Ideas for Fundraising Off and Online

We hope this helped kickstart your fundraising journey! If you have any questions, email [email protected] and GOOD LUCK!

Ideas for Fundraising Off and Online