CYP Referral Form for Professionals

Please note that the child or young person being referred must be aged 18 or under.

Children, Young People's, and Families Referral Form - for PROFESSIONALS

We have made the difficult decision to close the waiting list for 1-1 therapy, including music therapy in the Children and Young Person’s Service with effect from 5pm on Friday 6th November 2023. We are still accepting referrals for CYP group support.

You can use the form below to refer children and young people that you are working with for support with their experience of domestic violence and abuse. RISE CYP and Family Service offers support to:

• Children and young people who live in Brighton and Hove.
• Children and young people who have been impacted by some form of domestic violence or abuse in their lives.
• Parents/carers who consent to being contacted by us to discuss their child or young person’s support options in relation to their experience of domestic violence and abuse specifically.

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