Donate spare change with Ripples

Turn your pennies into RISE pounds

Here at RISE we know it's not always easy to commit to monthly donation. Which is why we have teamed up with Ripples.

Ripples is an app that rounds up your card payments and donates the difference to us every time you spend (a micro donation).

It means you can support our vital and life saving work in a way which is affordable to you - little and often - turning pennies into pounds!

How does Ripples work?

Ripples has integrations with over 150 debit and credit card providers. You simply download the Ripples app, securely connect your online banking app and spend as normal. Ripples works automatically in the background, sending small change to us here at RISE as you shop.

You choose to round up to the nearest whole 10p, 50p or £1. For example, if you spend £16.45 and you're rounding up to 50p, you'll donate 5p.

To ensure you are always in control, you can set a weekly donation limit and easily pause at anytime.

Every time you shop in-store or online your spare change will make a difference to RISE.

How to get started

1. Create your account by clicking below - you can recognise its us by our name in the URL and our logo in the top right of the screen which opens up

2. Choose how you will give and set your limits

3. Connect your card

4. Spend as normal and turn pennies into pounds for RISE

If you have any questions or encounter any issues when creating you account please contact us by email

Donate spare change with Ripples
Donate spare change with Ripples