Fantastic Fundraisers

Our fundraisers have swam, shaved, sung, cycled and run to raise money for RISE UK! Check out their fundraising stories and get inspired to fundraise for RISE!


Leyla Dae's public head shave in aid of RISE

A big RISE thank you to Leyla Dae who shaved off her waist length hair and raised money for us! Leyla did work experience with RISE whilst at college and says of her time with us:

“…it was a truly eye opening experience for me… I found it [a peer group session] profoundly powerful and I was struck by the strength the women in the room, they were so supportive of each other… [I] found it very moving...”

Leyla smashed her fundraising target of £300 - raising £1029 which she split between Little Princess Trust and RISE. She was chuffed about the money she raised: "I feel quite overwhelmed! I'm so grateful for all the support that I have received (and amused by some offers to match whatever was raised and not shave my head)."

Initially she was going to shave off her hair in a friends back garden, however a friend's dad suggested she did it publically: "I thought that was a wonderful idea - so that's what I did! My friends, family and I cut off locks of hair, then my mum shaved it all off afterwards."

We asked Leyla how she felt about her newly shaved head and she replied "I love it! I have enjoyed having it cut short, it feels so liberating. I can drive with all my windows down without worrying about getting hair in my face and it feels so soft! I'm looking forward to dying it a bunch of fun colours this summer..."

Red Biscuit

Red Biscuit Theatre raises the roof - and funds for RISE

This Chichester-based theatre troupe collected money for RISE at their sell-out Brighton Fringe 2018 show - and raised £140. What's more, they raised another £112 for us in July!

The group told us: “RISE UK do such incredible work for women, children and others … we thought you are such an amazing organisation to get behind whilst we were in Brighton.”

A big thank you goes out to Red Biscuit Theatre from everyone at RISE. If you'd like to catch them live, check out their website for performance dates and more info.