My Friend Betty

My Friend Betty was written by Senior Practitioner and Children and Young Person’s Therapist Jessie

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Jessie is a Senior Practitioner and Child and Young Person’s Therapist at RISE. Jessie has worked with many children and young people who have experienced domestic abuse, some of whom are still living with it, and supported parents alongside the therapeutic work with their children.

At the beginning of Lockdown # 1 in 2020 Jessie decided to write a book for children to raise awareness of domestic abuse and to provide a way into conversations for children who may have experienced it.

My Friend Betty is a book about two children who live next door to each other.
Betty is struggling at home and confides in Mary who helps find hope through the challenges she’s facing. This is a book aimed at primary school age children.

50% of the proceeds go towards RISE, to buy the book please follow this link:

Jessie is also a self-published author of ‘Little Voices’ - which is a collection of quirky snippets of conversation she overheard children saying to each other while she was working at a primary school.
She has also published: ‘Do This, Don’t Do That’ - a collection of poems written during the first nine months of solo parenting.

She also has a blog of her poems: