Double your impact for FREE by donating between the 11th and 18th October

Posted on October, 2023

Save the date! We will be taking part in The Big Give – a match funding campaign. If you donate during the campaign week, your donation will be DOUBLED at no cost to you. If you are able to help, we would really appreciate your support.

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We know times are tough. We know that there are lots of charities asking for your help - and we know that your pay doesn’t stretch as far as it used to.

But we are asking you for help because in October, for just one week, anything you donate will be doubled, making your money go twice as far – and that will make a HUGE difference to the women and children, fleeing domestic abuse in Brighton and Hove, that we want to help.

*Please set an alarm to donate BETWEEN noon on Wednesday 11th and noon on Wednesday 18th October, not before or after – donations made outside that week will NOT be match funded*

We will be raising funds for our Mothers Rising campaign, which seeks to provide women-centred family justice support for mothers fleeing domestic abuse alongside counselling and psychosocial support groups for their children.

As revealed by the BBC, it is difficult for women who have escaped domestic abuse to get justice. Flaws in the family court system are being manipulated by perpetrators, allowing the perpetrator to say that the mother has turned the child against the father without good reason. This allows the father to push for access or contact when the mother believes the child is unsafe.

Children are forced to have repeated contact with an abusive parent that they do not want, and mothers are forced to repeatedly communicate with the very person they are trying to escape.

This has immediate and long-term negative impacts on both mother and child. There are real risks of physical harm to both, as well as risks of significant mental distress.

Without the right help that distress can cause lifelong issues for children’s future wellbeing. Waiting lists for therapy and counselling can be years long, leaving mothers and their children to cope without support.

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You have completely changed my life for the better and I genuinely can't thank you enough. What you do is admirable and I am grateful beyond words."- Survivor

We want to intervene early and prevent harm. You can help us to do this by donating through our Mothers Rising Campaign here

We have the only dedicated Family and Civil Courts Advocate in Sussex.

Any donations you can make during this one week campaign will be match funded and will help us to build capacity to help and support women survivors of domestic abuse, and their children as they seek justice and safety. RISE will"

  • Provide immediate access to safety and support for mothers and children
  • Improve mental wellbeing now, and build strong foundations for the future
  • Increase awareness of domestic abuse and where to get help
  • Improve access to justice

Mothers and children fleeing domestic abuse need support urgently now. We want to provide it.


Donate here between noon on Wednesday 11th October and noon on Wednesday 18th October – thank you in advance for anything you are able to donate.

*Please set an alarm to donate BETWEEN noon on Wednesday 11th and noon on Wednesday 18th October, not before or after – donations made outside that week will NOT be match funded*