Our second Survivor Voice in Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week

Posted on February, 2024

We are proud to share this incredible quote from survivor who has accessed support from us here at RISE.

RISE Survivor Voice2
  • In 2021/22 we supported 969 people - 828 adults and 141 children.
  • In 2022/23 we supported 1357 people - 1156 adults and 201 children and young people, an increase of 40% against 21/22 and a 43% increase to our work with children.

In 2021/22, in Brighton and Hove

  • 5,487 domestic violence incidents and crimes were recorded by the police, of which 3,299 were crimes. Source
  • 12% of all police recorded crime had a domestic abuse flag (3,299 crimes and 2,188 incidents) Source
  • 88% of the perpetrators were male Source
  • 45% of 14–16-year-olds who had ever had a relationship said that they had experienced a problem behaviour in their relationship
  • 19% of 14–16-year-olds said they had experienced someone at school touching them sexually when they did not want it. (SAWASS, BHCC).

If you are able to donate to help us support survivors, we would be enormously grateful. Every single penny matters and is appreciated. Thank you in advance.