Tune into the International Women’s Day 1BTN Takeover 2024 on Friday 8th March!

Posted on March, 2024

Thank you to 1BTN for fundraising for RISE as part of this phenomenal 36 hour broadcast which runs from Friday 8th March 2024 00:00-Saturday 9th March 11:00

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Now in its 6th year, 1BTN’s IWD Takeover 2024 is here, bigger, bolder and better than before with 40 1BTN presenters, DJs and artists set to deliver over 36 hours of inspiring broadcasting as we celebrate the incredible female, trans women and non-binary voices in our radio community on Friday 8th March 2024.

Every genre, bassline, vocal and lyrical genius broadcast a moment to savour as we spotlight the female, trans women and non-binary songwriters, producers, writers, performers, remixers, artists and musicians that have inspired our inclusion in the music industry.

Expect disco, 90s R&B, salsa, reggaeton, garage, house, 80s, electro, acid, garage, jungle, hyper pop, experimental, trance, ethereal dub, art pop, soul, funk, jazz, soulful house, easy listening, folk, alt-rock, ambient, psychedelic, techno, hyper pop, broken beats, electronica, blues, afro beat, dancehall, rap, boogie, chill-out, fusion, desert tech, ballroom, hip hop, drum and bass, and more disco.

Taking part in 1BTN IWD Takeover 24 on Friday 8th March are Alex Cella, Anya Lux, Amy Douglas, Sharna Waid, I Am Fya, Anya Lux, Babylon Fox, BBG w/ Shields & KD Mars & Daizy Dangerz & Bangers For Breakfast, Coco Varda, DJ Emma, Love Is The Message w/Hannah Sherlock & Kathy Ellis, Jayne Winstanley, Jenny Jen, Faro, Ka'e Novo, Ka'e PPU Byrnes, Laroie, DJ Amazon, Chicha Morada, Lil Minx, Luchia, Lucid Body Talk, Martha Cleary’s Underlying Oddi'es, Molly Pop, Nikki Lucas, Rachel Gavin, Renata, Rosie Turton, Sarah Sweeney, Silkee, Sophie Lloyd, Ellie Talebian, Taman, Tara Elle, The Record Caddy and Wildblood and Queenie.

The campaign theme for International Women's Day 2024 is Inspire Inclusion. When we inspire others to understand and value women's inclusion, we forge a better world. And when women themselves are inspired to be included, there's a sense of belonging, relevance, and empowerment.

This year, 1BTN International Women’s Day Takeover will be fundraising for both 1BTN radio and RISE.

Donate here - any and all donations matter and we thank you in advance for anything you are able to give.