RISE Safe Homes Project

"Thank you for listening to me and helping me to feel safe in my home again. I couldn’t have stayed here without RISE’s support"

Since May 2021, our housing team has been undertaking the Safe Homes Project, with thanks to Ernest Hecht and other generous donors!

The aims of the project include:

  • Offering guidance to navigate housing systems, providing one-to-one
    advocacy and to develop relationships with housing providers, housing rights, and legal experts.
  • Delivering embedded advocacy for clients with a domestic abuse background to enable them to access safe, suitable housing. This includes remaining in their own homes when it is safe and appropriate to do so, consistently offering support and advice with security.

Between May and December 2021, our housing lead has directly supported over 100 households, including many households being supported to complain about unsafe and unsuitable housing, make homeless applications, and given priority transfers to safer council properties.

Multiple households have also referrals to free legal advice and assistance, and our housing lead has directly given over 50 pieces of consultancy, advice, and signposting provided to statutory and other agencies to directly support clients affected by domestic abuse.

RISE Safe Homes Project

If you have experienced domestic abuse and need housing support, you can contact the RISE helpline on 01273 622 822. Alternatively, you can contact us via email at [email protected]

RISE Safe Homes Project