RISE comments on the introduction of the domestic abuse bill to parliament

Posted March, 2020

RISE welcomes the news that the domestic abuse bill is finally being introduced to parliament, after a slow process.

Jo Gough, RISE CEO, commented on the news this morning: "We support the introduction of legal responsibility on local councils for finding refuge for domestic abuse survivors, as well as the ban on perpetrators cross-questioning survivors in family courts.

Whilst we welcome the above the bill, in its current form it does not yet go far enough to safeguard survivors and their families. Refuge provision is just one of the housing options needed – RISE would like to see women given priority need for housing to enable safe recovery from abuse.

Migrant women with insecure status can experience abuse that is related to their right to remain, making them more vulnerable. The bill does nothing to support migrant women experiencing domestic abuse. Migrant survivors need action to ensure they can safely report to the police and other agencies and access support services. No abused women should be left without support.

As an organisation working with Surviving Economic Abuse and with a specialist Economic Abuse Lead, we also welcome new legislation that will enshrine this specific type of abuse in law.

Whilst we are pleased to see this commitment to survivors of domestic abuse, there is a need for government to commit to sustainable funding for specialist women's services. Ninety-one percent (91%) of RISE clients are women experiencing violence and abuse from men."