Council plans revival of VAWG strategy

Posted October, 2021

Welcome news that Brighton and Hove Council is taking violence against women and Girls (VAWG) seriously

RISE is celebrating the planned revival of a local violence against women and girls (VAWG) strategy agreed at Brighton and Hove Council on 21st October 2021.

The last version of this important strategy lapsed in 2017. Since then, RISE has asked repeatedly for recognition of the need to safeguard women and girls in our local area.

Jo Gough, RISE CEO says,

“We are pleased that the council has listened to our recommendation to reestablish the VAWG strategy previously dropped in 2017. After many years of campaigning, we are relieved to see women and girls' safety and wellbeing has priority. We are delighted to see the council has committed to address an epidemic of violence and abuse against women and girls and vows to continue to do more to challenge misogynistic attitudes.

Latest reports are showing that three-quarters of all domestic abuse cases – including sexual assaults – are closed early without the suspect being charged

This has been a devastating year for women experiencing domestic abuse and we have much ground to make up so this is a step in the right direction”

The decision also included Council plans for UN 16 days of the elimination of VAWG between 25th November and 10th December. You can expect a minutes’ silence for murdered women; orange lighting on public buildings and orange ribbons to align with the UN’s commemoration. There is a promise to encourage events and displays in public buildings, working alongside survivors’ organisations and community groups.

RISE staff and volunteers are busy preparing our #16daysof activism activities so keep an eye on our facebook and twitter #16dayRISEUp to get involved.