Press campaign update: it's not over yet!

Posted April, 2021

As the Domestic Abuse Bill reaches Royal assent, here's an update about the campaign for domestic abuse survivor anonymity in the press.

Our amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill was heard in the Houses of Parliament and the House of Lords. The issue also received national press coverage – in The Independent and The Times. As a result, we succeeded in putting this critical failing of the law firmly on the radar of parliamentarians and the public alike.

Together with sympathetic allies in Parliament, our community has made incredible progress for survivors within the Domestic Abuse Bill - with many hard-won and vital amendments being taken forward. Sadly, this time, our survivor amendment was not one of them. But this is far from over.

This year will see a Victim’s Bill pass through Parliament – and with the help of local MP Peter Kyle, we will re-introduce this amendment to protect survivors’ privacy and safety. And because of the substantial effort and progress we’ve made already, together, we can see this amendment through to fruition.

So, what comes next?

First of all, we must not let up. These political processes are notoriously long and complicated - and so it’s not unusual for change like this to take several attempts. But when the Victim’s Bill is introduced to Parliament, we will be ready!

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter, as we will share the next steps on how to reignite the campaign soon.

In the meantime, let’s take this moment to reflect on the successes this campaign has won so far. None of this would have been possible without our supporters signing and sharing the petition and reaching out to MPs and peers alike.

Together, we will use this momentum to ensure survivors receive the protection they deserve.