16 Days of Activism: Set up a monthly donation to us

Posted on December, 2022

Make it monthly - set up a monthly donation for any amount and know you'll be helping us all year round

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The 16 Days of Activism ends today but your support for us can be year round.

Setting up a monthly donation is a great way to support us.

A lot of the money we get to do our work is from grants and contracts, and the funding is for specific purposes - it has to be used only that way.

Donations that we receive from individuals can be used as we see fit. They give us flexibility, and allow us to respond in a crisis.

Remember that no donation is too small to count. Even £1 a month gives us £12 a year (and more with Gift Aid if you are eligible) and that will pay for supplies for a therapeutic art workshop.

Every single penny you raise, every single donation you make WILL help women and children affected by Domestic Violence and/or Abuse

Thank you for helping us be there for survivors today, and every day.

#16DaysofActivism #16Days

Set up your monthly donation here today