16 Days of Activism: Sponsored *your thing*

Posted on December, 2022

What do you love, and how much of it can you do in an hour? Get sponsored to do as much as you can!

16 Days 812

Whatever you love, can you do it for an hour? How much can you do? Set a target and ask for sponsorship then send us what you raise here.

How long can you bounce on a trampoline, how many rows of knitting can you do, how many steps can you take in an hour?

What about swimming - how many length can you do in an hour? How many kilometres could you walk, ride or roll? How many funny faces could you pull, how many pages of that book you want to finish but have been struggling to get through?

No donation is too small to count. Even a penny per row for 20 rows of knitting will stack up with all the other donations we receive and become part of something bigger. Every single penny you raise WILL help women and children affected by Domestic Violence and/or Abuse

Thank you for helping us be there for survivors.

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