Help Us Hold Space for Happiness This Christmas

Posted on December, 2022

Christmas can be a tough time of year, for anyone.

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It can be even harder when you, and/or your children, have experienced Domestic Violence and/or Abuse

Women who have fled abuse often want to create something really special with and for their children. They want to create new, happy memories to blot out the bad ones. This can be really hard to do when you've had to move home, or your home is the place where they abuse happened. The very walls remind you.

This Christmas, we are asking you to help us hold space for happiness. This isn't about presents, this is about time, and space, and opportunities to have fun. As part of our work with children and young people affected by Domestic Abuse and Violence we create spaces where families can spend time together, to play, to relax, and to heal. We provide materials for arts and crafting, games, toys and a safe, safe space. We provide specialist workers, trained in understanding what this can all feel like to give mum a chance to talk while the children play. And we provide specialist workers for children too, who can encourage them to express their feelings, even when they’re all jumbled up on the inside and the children aren’t even really sure what they feel other than bad.

We know that times are tough. Everything is costing more, for everyone. This feels like a bigger ask than usual. But we are asking, and we thank you in advance for anything, and everything, that you can do.

Will you help us provide materials, games, specialist workers to hold space for a little happiness this Christmas?

For everything you are comfortably able to give - thank you.

Donate here to help us hold space for happiness this Christmas