RISE UK Christmas Present Appeal

Posted November, 2022

Will you help someone affected by domestic abuse have a happier Christmas this year?

As we get closer to Christmas, we're all thinking about how we can make the season special, while watching our budget, and that includes our service users. For those who have fled to escape domestic abuse, this can be a particularly difficult time. There's more pressure on limited money, and a strong desire to make a really special time, when other times have been tough.

Last year you supported us to give over 80 women and children gifts. The parcels you helped us to deliver made a real difference,

‘..[my children] are delighted with their gifts too, thank you again for your kindness’

This Christmas, we are asking that people who are comfortably able to help, buy a present from our Wish List for someone affected by Domestic Abuse. We need to receive these by 5.30pm on Thursday the 8th December to give us time to wrap and distribute.

From squishies to superheroes, LEGO to lava lamps, baby gifts to bluetooth speakers, we're looking for gifts for children and young people of all ages. Gifts start at £3.25 and every single item purchased will help someone who has been affected by Domestic Abuse have a happier Christmas.

Times are tough, we know. Everything is costing more. This year, our Appeal feels like a bigger ask than usual. But we are asking, and we thank you in advance for anything, and everything, that you can do.

Thank you.

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