Flying High: Brave Women To Take the Plunge from Brighton i360 to Raise Funds for RISE

Posted on October, 2023

How incredible is this? Remarkable women will embark on an exhilarating fundraising abseil on the 11th November from the iconic Brighton i360, raising vital funds for our work.

RISE 1360 Sponsored Abseil

We're excited to announce that, as part of being one of this year's Mayor's Charities, we've been invited to take part in an adrenaline fuelled fundraising event.

Some of our fantastic supporters will be scaling the dizzying heights of the i360 on a chilly November morning to abseil all the way down, and raise funds to support our work.

The abseil is called Drop 360 and it is billed as Brighton’s most exhilarating thrill. They will lean back and put all their trust in the rope as they hang off the side of the i360 pod and then... off!

They will glide down through 138 metres over five minutes, with their descent controlled from above - they will make their way down to the beachfront below, surrounded by the best views in the city, with nothing to do but look around and enjoy. Well, we hope they will enjoy it! Would you...?

Our goal is to raise no less than £200 (about £1.20 per metre) per abseiler for RISE, and all funds will go to RISE services exclusively. If you are able to support them as they brave the heights - and drop - we'd appreciate any sponsorship you can offer!

Sponsor them here.