Share the love this Valentines Day

Posted on January, 2023

Love shouldn't hurt.

1 in 3 women globally will experience domestic abuse during their lifetime, and regardless of the work done in our sector across the world, this number hasn't changed much in a decade.

Intimate partner violence is by far the most common form of violence against women globally, affecting around 641 million women. 1 in 4 young women (15-24 years old) who have been in a relationship will have already experienced intimate partner violence by their mid-twenties.

This hurts. It hurts to experience it and we know it hurts to read about it. We hope this will change, that it will end - but it hasn't yet.

This Valentines Day, will you help us provide support for women who have experienced domestic abuse?

Your donations enable us to continue providing crisis support, practical guidance and the emotional care that women, children and LGBTQ+ individuals affected by domestic abuse need to rebuild their lives.

Share the love. Donate now.