Get set to Move for your Mental Health with Grounding Techniques

Posted on May, 2024

Are you starting to move for your mental health? Here we share four powerful techniques that will help to ground you before any event, be it the 8K Run for Women or another challenge event.

These techniques can be done anywhere and are designed to stabilise your energy and sharpen your focus - let's get started

Breath Technique

Before your toe hits the start line, take a moment to take your focus on your breath. Breathe in for a count of five and breathe out even slower.

Do this three times. Then with your eyes closed (if you feel comfortable to do so), repeat the exercise. When you open your eyes, be mindful of the calming effect on your heartbeat. Smile and tell yourself an ‘I am ‘statement. For example, 'I am a winner' or 'I am powerful' or 'I am enough'.

Senses Technique

This technique is fantastic for enhancing your awareness. Close your eyes tightly and count to three. Relax your eyes eyelids still closed. Then, open your eyes, fix your gaze straight ahead, absorbing your surroundings without moving your eyes around. Listen to the sounds around you, what can you hear? What can you smell? After a moment in this calm state, smile, take a deep breath count to five, then slowly exhale, smile, and say an I am statement.

Chest Technique

This technique helps calm nerves and helps you centre your energy.

Inhale slowly for three seconds, then when you get to three - hold your breath for a count of two. Hold your hand over your chest imagining your breath moving deeply into your lower back.

Breathe out, letting out a sigh (if you feel comfortable to do so). Do this five times, and at the end of each, say an ‘I am’ statement in your mind.

This technique helps calm nerves and centres your energy.

Humming Technique

Finally, try the humming technique to soothe your mind and nervous system. Take a deep breath for a count of five, then hum deeply as you exhale slowly. Let the vibration of your humming resonate for five seconds. Do this five times. With each breath, let any tension melt away and build your focus. Deeply inhale, exhale, and in your mind state an ‘I am’ statement.

Grounding techniques like these are more than just pre- race or pre-event techniques. They are tools that improve concentration, reduce nerves, and enhance your own personal performance. Supporting in keeping your mind in a healthy condition to face the challenge ahead.

Remember the strength you need is within you; these techniques help to awaken it.

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