Thanks to the Office of the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner for supporting sessions at The Plot Stanmer

Posted on June, 2024

We're thrilled to have been able to provide access to a supportive place in nature for young women who have experienced domestic abuse in their families.

Thanks to support from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and MOJ funds, RISE has been able to sustain a creative social space for adolescent women to be supported aound their experiences of domestic abuse. Since 2019, this has largely been held up at The Plot Stanmer, weekly during term time.

The groups engage in seasonal nature-based, arts, crafts and cooking activity. The young women share how restorative this time is for them, just like this 14yr old shared with us,

'I have been struggling with school, I find it really stressful and often only go in for half days. I do not have friends there. Unlike school, I really look forward to coming up here and being with people. The Plot is away from everything, all the stresses of life, it feels calm here and I feel calm being here. I enjoy doing the creative activities with the group'.

Check out this incredible film about The Plot Stanmer here and if you want to help us help more people with experience of domestic abuse you can donate to support our work here - every donation, no matter how small, counts.

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