Here's why we ask each 8K runner to raise £50 in sponsorship

Posted on August, 2023

500 runners, raising £50 each - that adds up to a HUGE £25,000 to support women, children and LGBTQ+ people affected by Domestic Abuse in Brighton and Hove.

Every October, an inspiring gathering of 500 remarkable women takes on the challenge of the RISE Undercliff Run, embarking on a journey from Saltdean to Brighton Marina and back. Yet, this event is far more than just a run – it's a symphony of determination and purpose, all rolled into one exhilarating experience.

Beyond the pounding of feet on the pavement and the camaraderie shared among participants, this annual spectacle serves as a lifeline for us at RISE. The truth is, the demand for our unwavering support is surging, and the need to secure funding grows clearer by the day. We hold a vision of being a beacon of support for every person in need, but the reality of our current situation is that we have been forced to close waiting lists for certain crucial services. This is where you, our incredible runners, become a lifeline.

Consider the power of each step you take on the 8th of October. With every stride, you're aiding women, children, and LGBTQ+ individuals who rely on us during their most vulnerable moments. Let these statistics remind you of the lives you're touching:

In 2022, RISE conducted a staggering 903 therapy sessions, providing solace and healing to those who needed it most. Additionally, 290 children found strength through our support in at least one group.

The haunting truth remains: 1 in 4 women will encounter domestic abuse in their lifetime. In the last recorded year, RISE lent its unwavering support to 1357 individuals, a heart-wrenching increase of 40% compared to the previous year.

The mere cost of sustaining our vital RISE service for a single day reaches £4000, highlighting the essential nature of the funds we seek.

You might wonder how your contribution can make a difference – well, it does. We ask each runner to raise a minimum of £50, a collective effort that forms an astounding total of £25,000. This is more than just money; it keeps our mission alive.

Whether you've just signed up or are already lacing up your running shoes, remember that every entry and every penny you raise matters. Your dedication echoes the stories of those you're supporting, bringing them hope, safety, and the chance to rebuild.

Have you embarked on your fundraising journey yet?

Here are THREE impactful ways you can take action:

  1. RaceNation: When you register, RaceNation automatically sets up a fundraising page for you. Check your registration confirmation email for the details.
  2. JustGiving: Create your very own personalized RISE 8K JustGiving fundraising page. Follow the link provided and click 'Start Fundraising' to initiate your meaningful campaign.
  3. Direct Donation: Rally your friends to contribute from their spare change jars. Convert the cash at the bank, deposit it into your account, and then make your donation by clicking here. Alternatively, if you're in a position to give, consider donating from your own resources.

Your steps are like symphonies of hope, echoing through the lives you touch. This monumental event is only possible because of you – the passionate runners who carry our mission forward. From the depth of our hearts, we extend our gratitude, knowing that together, we're making a life-changing impact.

Register here to take part

Find out more about Fundraising here

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